How to lose belly fat in 5 days - Essential fat loss tips that will help you shed fat Fast


I am sure you have tried really hard to burn stomach fat and to get rid of the stubborn fat, but it is not an easy task.Endomorphs find it especially difficult to burn tummy fat and you could have endomorph characteristics.Some find it very easy to lose tummy fat, while others find it very hard to lose anything at all.If you have a slow metabolism and if you store fat very easily, then you are most like an endomorph.Endomorphs generally have a large frame and medium to large joints.Endomorphs need to work harder and know a lot more about fat loss, which is why I have written some really helpful tips to help you burn tummy fat.

When you see someone consuming tons of calories and eating all kinds of fattening foods - yet still burn belly fat - then it can be hard to take.But if you happen to be an endomorph, then you have to be really strict with your diet nearly all the time and you also need to have high levels of discipline. You should be doing plenty of aerobic training, because that is they key to losing fat for endomorphs.Here are some things you need to focus on, if you want to lose belly fat effectively:

Reduce your intake of calories

Reducing your calorie intake can work, if you are already on a moderate to high calorie level.Eating less food can certainly work very well in many cases, because people often tend to eat too much food, without being consciously aware of it.Although most of the time the calorie level is already low, for someone wanting to lose tummy fat,(how to lose lower belly fat) and further reduction of calories is not helpful.

People tend to take the „eat less“ approach to extremes. People do not understand, that if you eat less, you burn less - when your calorie intake is too low, your body simply burns less calories.A large portion of diet programs tell people to cut their calorie intake below their metabolic needs, which works in the short-term, but fails in the long-term.Cutting your calorie intake can work, but it can only work, if your calorie intake is moderate or high.When you reduce your calorie intake, your metabolism is likely to slow down and therefore you lose less calories and find it harder to lose belly fat. On the other hand, aerobic exercises and weight training always increases metabolism.

Elongate the duration of your exercises

If you want to burn stomach, then you need to lose a large amount of calories, right?When your goal is to burn fat, then you should be doing a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio per session.  And if this does not work and you don`t lose tummy fat with 30 minutes of aerobic training, then increase it incrementally by 5 minutes at a time.  And when your rate of fat loss starts to slow down, then you should incrementally increase the duration of your sessions by 5 minutes at a time.Going over 60 minutes is not a good idea because then you could be losing muscle.There certainly are a lot of folks, that are not able to lose belly fat (how to lose belly fat naturally) very well with 60 minutes of cardio, but there are other strategies that will help with that.Many experienced fat loss experts recommend doing around 40-45 minutes of cardio per session.

Shift your attitude

If you want to lose tummy fat fast and do it permanently, then you need to change your whole mindset. It is not possible to achieve permanent results by going on and off diets.People go on all sorts of diets, without realising that at some point, they need to come off the diets.If you really have a strong desire to succeed and to lose tummy fat, (how to lose belly fat) you need to change the way you think about nutrition and exercise.Without making permanent changes to your lifestyle and without replacing bad habits with good habits, it is not possible to lose stomach fat permanently.It is one thing to lose belly fat and another thing to be able to maintain your weight.

It can be really hard to develop new and improved habits, that help you burn tummy fat quickly, but these new habits are just as hard to break as old once.At first it might seem that you will never be able to break your old habits and develop new ones.The important thing is to take ones step at a time and to have  plenty of patience.In just 3 weeks it is possible to develop new habits and to change old behaviours.When you give 100% of effort during that period and try really hard to burn stomach fat fast, then the habits will start to form already.After the 3 weeks is over, you will not need to force yourself to follow your new habits that hard and things become easier.

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